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3D AutoCAD Training Courses - Architectural Modeling

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Testimonials From Our Clients

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  • I am very pleased with the results I have been able to attain after taking the online Revit courses. Revit is a big program and I had been trying to teach myself how to use it but was having a hard time. Kevin’s courses break it down into manageable sections with everything set up so one lesson builds on the last. You learn something new every class and in no time, you are able to put together a full model of a house with all the drawings you need to get a permit. There were so many great tips for working efficiently and not getting bogged down.

  • I am really enjoying the course and want to say that the format is outstanding. I have already started CAD2.  Thanks for the great instruction!

  • Wow! Loving the Revit course! What a great program and what a great way to learn the software. I thought the course might take two or  three months but I was having so much fun, I finished the first level in just over two weeks. Kevin was very helpful whenever I had a question but honestly everything is laid out in such a logical fashion that learning by watching the DVD videos and then practicing on my own was much easier than I expected. I have already ordered the second level course and am looking forward to earning my Revit Certificate.

  • I would like to thank Kevin for putting together such a fantastic Revit training course. I have been using AutoCAD for years to produce drawings of house plans and I was amazed at how much faster I can work now that I have a good understanding of Revit.  I was worried about switching to a new program but the course DVDs were a great introduction to this powerful software. Every lesson introduces new concepts and the course assignments allowed me to apply those concepts and get lots of great practice. Highly recommended.

  • The course exceeded my expectations in many regards — especially in the depth of information supplied and the access to the instructor for feedback on work in progress. In a very non-threatening environment, I learned key principles of CAD and design that I can implement immediately. Without reservation, I recommend this course to any architectural student who wishes to become as comfortable using AutoCAD as they are using a pencil.

  • With the online autocad training, even though you are not in a traditional setting, the support you get from your instructor is tremendous. I was able to reach my instructor and discuss my classes at any time. As an online student, I have the freedom to go anywhere and still have the ability to check my classes, and complete assignments on my own time. I love having the ability to take courses through this non-traditional method.  I am not rushed to complete assignments and I have more time to spend with my kids.  The online delivery method gives me the control I need to manage my learning at my own pace. I definitely recommend online learning to everyone I know.

  • The Distance Education works out great for me and I am very happy I decided to enroll in this course. The access to online help is unbelievable. In university, this amount of dedication did not exist. My schedule makes it difficult to attend night school. Some weeks, I have absolutely no time for school and others I can dedicate the whole weekend to school (like this weekend). Thanks for all your help! I loved the first course and I will definitely be back for more.

  • Thank you for your quick responses.  I have done many courses in the past and I’m very impressed with this course. The presentation and support is wonderful. I am progressing better than expected and look forward to completing the entire AutoCAD training series. Again, thank you and I’m sure we’ll be in touch in the future.

  • During the past five years, I have studied using various methods, including the traditional classroom style and online learning.  The traditional classroom style allowed me to attain the skills I needed to become employed in the computer industry.  Online learning allowed me to expand my skill set while working full-time and with the help from Kevin and his excellent courses, I have been able to advance my career.

  • Everything was covered completely. Incredibly useful. As with any course, you get out what you put in. The course contains a wealth of information, and the student should be prepared to spend some time with it. If they do, they are guaranteed to learn AutoCAD as quickly and efficiently as is possible. Thanks for a wonderful course, Kevin.


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